Bleau Watches



Daniel Trajanovski



I am a watch enthusiast with a passion for

traditional craftsmanship. Bleau Watches

are inspired by routines of a slower time,

when you were a lot more connected to

the timepiece on your wrist.


We're motivated by the past when a

wristwatch was a tool, a companion,

something you had to interact with

daily to keep it running. A mechanical

watch tells a story; of when you bought it,

for an achievement, for an occasion, from

when it was gifted to you; they create

a journey to remember through the

memories you create.


Who looks at their wrist to check the time

anymore? We are more connected than

ever with the world around us via smart

watches. Keeping us connected means

notifications, interruptions and data right

there on our wrists. Our values run in a

very different stream drawing on the

traditions of our past to inspire our future.


Minimalism is to be careful, selective and

connected to an item. That is the essence

of what drives us as a brand to produce

our Modest range of watches. Careful

design and manufacturing with premium

materials mean our watches will last both

mechanically and with your wardrobe for

decades to come.


Our Modest range contains

100 limited edition pieces of each of our

three colours; blue, cream and



Come and join our journey…


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